Step-Up Program

McCandless Fire Rescue ServiceThe Town of McCandless is protected from fire and rescue emergencies by a 100% volunteer service that runs an average of 700 calls for service annually. The Town's fire service consists of three fire companies operating four stations located throughout the Town. Staffing of these companies is an ongoing effort, so we "fired up" a plan to recruit more firefighters to help us respond and assist our residents.

The Town of McCandless initiated a program called Project Step-Up to create a new generation of fire service volunteers. Over the past few years, the number of fire and rescue calls have increased, while the number of new recruits has decreased. Volunteer firefighters are always needed. We are urging the public to Step Up and help your community as a firefighter or non-firefighter lending administrative support.

Non-firefighters are in demand. The fire companies need someone to type letters, help with their fund drive, balance checkbooks, perform property and vehicle maintenance, and fire prevention details for the public.

To express our appreciation for the noble service they provide, the Town of McCandless sponsors a number of events throughout the year. We treat volunteers and families to a day at Kennywood and host a golf outing. At the end of the year we hold a dinner banquet to show our volunteers and their guests how important they are to the community.

The heat is still on! Get involved and be rewarded in the knowledge that you will be part of an elite crew that provides a vital service to the Town and its residents. We hope to see you extend a hand someday.

For more information on becoming a firefighter, contact the Fire Marshal's office.