Business Recycling Compliance Information


EAC members are assisting Town staff in conducting site visits that review compliance for recycling at businesses and commercial establishments within the Town. The business visits review ongoing recycling activities. If recycling is not occurring, the visits provide the business with an awareness of the Town Ordinance (Part 9 Title 5 Article 929. Recycling) that requires recycling. The visits encourage additional recycling, thereby reducing the volume of trash generated.

Since March 2017, the EAC has visited nearly 110 businesses in Town. It also has conducted some institutional site visits (of places such as North Allegheny schools and La Roche College).

A+ Recyclers:

The EAC is looking for "A+ Recyclers" — places that are doing what they can do to recycle as well as encouraging the public to recycle.

  • Target (Pine Creek Plaza) — public containers for cans/bottles, plastic bags, and some electronics (MP3 players, cellphones, and ink cartridges)
  • Whole Foods (Wexford Plaza) — public containers marked for landfill, recycling, and composting
  • Giant Eagle (Pine Creek and McIntyre Square) — public containers for cans/bottles as well as plastic bags
  • Trader Joes (McCandless Crossing) — plastic bag recycling available
  • Lowes (McCandless Crossing) — public containers for CFL light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, plastic bags, and wood
  • Panera Bread (McCandless Crossing) — public recycling container available
  • Home 2 Suites (McCandless Crossing) — recycling container in the lobby, and a recycling container in each guest room
  • Eichner's Farm Market (Richard Road) — they reuse (and encourage customers to reuse) things like bags and egg cartons
  • Auto Zone (Route 19) — recycles cardboard, vehicle chemicals, oil (including oil brought in by people who change their oil at home), oil filters, and batteries
  • North Allegheny Schools — recycling containers in the cafeteria, water bottle filling stations, student groups assist in emptying classroom recycling bins
  • CCAC North Campus — recycling containers in various locations on each floor, water bottle filling station
  • La Roche College — public recycling containers, student "eco council" assist with recycling education, the dining hall has compost container (and also uses non-disposable plates and silverware for dine-in and compostable containers for take-out)

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