McCandless Township Sanitary Authority


  • First and third Thursday, unless posted otherwise.


  • Christopher L. Eddy, Chair
    Appointed: December 12, 2022
    Term Expires: December 31, 2027
  • Matthew John Schon, Member
    Appointed: November 9, 2020
    Term Expires: December 31, 2025
  • James J. Forsey, Vice Chair
    Appointed: November 22, 2021
    Term Expires: December 31, 2026
  • Patrick M. Semon, Treasurer
    Appointed: December 11, 2023
    Term Expires: December 31, 2028
  • Thomas Merski, Secretary
    Appointed: November 25, 2019
    Term Expires: December 31, 2024
  • Jack Casey, Town Council Liaison
    Appointed: January 2, 2024
    Term Expires: January 5, 2026
  • Don Hart, Alternate Council Liaison
    Appointed: January 2, 2024
    Term Expires: January 5, 2026


McCandless Township Sanitary AuthorityThe McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA) was incorporated in 1955, under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act of 1945. MTSA provides sewage service to the Town of McCandless. Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall, Pine, and parts of Ross and Hampton has an operating agreement with Ohio Township and manages Girty's Run Authority which provides service to Ross, Shaler, Reserve and Millvale.

MTSA's system consists of four sewage treatment plants, 17 pumping stations, and more than 240 miles of 8 to 42-inch gravity sewer lines serving over 52,000 customers. Four drainage basins (watersheds) comprise its service area: Pine Creek, Lowries Run, Girty's Run, and Little Pine Creek. The Lowries Run and Girty's Run basins are included in the service area of the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), with which MTSA contracts.

Board Members serve five-year terms. Typically expertise in engineering or business best prepares a candidate for the role of this board.