North Allegheny School District


North Allegheny School District GraphicNorth Allegheny School District is made up of students living in the McCandless, Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, and Marshall Township areas. In 2013, North Allegheny Senior High School was named one of America's Best High Schools by Newsweek magazine.

In a new ranking by (2015), North Allegheny High School was ranked as the top sports school district in all of Pennsylvania and fourth in the nation.

The “Best Sports” study does not judge a school solely based on the competitive success of their varsity teams, but rather on the overall role that sports and fitness play in the daily lives of students.

Niche identified three of the key criteria analyzed in their methodology:

  • Students report sports and fitness playing a significant, positive role in student life, including varsity sports, athletic facilities, and school spirit;
  • Students actively take part in a variety of intervarsity sports offered by district schools;
  • The administration is invested in the students and works to provide the best possible educational experience.

Of the factors considered in compiling the rankings, survey responses from Niche users were the most important, comprising 45% of the weight of the study’s results.

“This is what North Allegheny is all about, sports and academics,” commented one high school junior on the page. “Everyone is a part of the team here at North Allegheny. All the staff and students love their Tigers and we show that throughout the year in the stands. Also, most of North Allegheny athletes are scholar-athletes because they have high standards. Coaches are always making sure grades are good before they play.”

Raw data also played an important factor, as 20% of the weight of the rankings was based on the number of sports offered by the school. The percentage of boys and girls that played a sport was also important.

North Allegheny also made the cut for the national list, ranking fourth countrywide.

Source: Justin Heinze (North Hills Patch Staff) May 27, 2015

Best Public Elementary Schools in Pennsylvania

Best Public Elementary Schools ranks 40,403 elementary schools based on key student statistics and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents. A high ranking indicates that the school is an exceptional academic institution with a diverse set of high-achieving students and faculty, and the students are very happy with their experiences.

Among the schools that ranked highest are Bradford Woods Elementary (11), Ingomar Elementary School (18), and Marshall Elementary (26).

An additional 8,824 schools received a grade but were not eligible for ranking. For more information, read the full methodology.

Source: 2015 Niche Rankings

North Allegheny School District includes seven elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (Carson Middle School, Ingomar Middle School, and Marshall Middle School), and two high schools (NA Intermediate High, 9–10, and NA High School, 11–12).