Tree Planting Program

The Town of McCandless is in the midst of its tree planting program to encourage residents and businesses to report the planting of trees on their property.

This will allow for more tree canopy cover in the Town, helping to reduce stormwater runoff (stuff like this also reduces stormwater pollution because trees take up nutrients and pollutants through their root systems).

The Town will tabulate the number of trees planted within a 5-year period (starting in March 2018) to determine how much sediment has been removed from its stormwater (with a little help from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) guidelines).

If you plant trees during the 5-year period, send an email to stormwater management to report your planting.

Want to get an idea of the ecological and economical benefit of the trees you plant (or of the trees you already have on your property)? Check out the National Tree Benefit Calculator!