Where do I vote?

A list of current polling places (as well as a link where you can find your polling place by typing in your address) can be found on our polling places page.

For other voting information (such as how to register and the Town's voting ward and district map), view our voting information page.

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1. How do I get rid of TVs or other electronics? What about chemicals? Fluorescent lights? Other hard-to-recycle items?
2. My trash / recycling was not picked up. Who should I call?
3. What holidays cause trash and recycling pickup to be delayed?
4. What should I do with extra trash that will not fit in my cart?
5. When does trick-or-treating take place?
6. Where do I vote?
7. Which public school will my child attend if I am a resident of McCandless?
8. Who do I call when my trash / recycling / yard waste cart needs to be repaired or replaced?
9. Who do I contact regarding dye testing in McCandless?