What is an easement?

Easements are grants by a property owner to an entity to use its property for specified purposes. There are many types of easements. The easements, which are the subject of this article, are easements granted to the Town either specifically by the property owner or during the recording of the subdivision plan. Grants by the property owner are recorded by deed. Most easements are perpetual. Once granted by a property owner, the recipient of the easements retains their granted rights.

Plans are laid out by the developer. Plan recordings are reviewed by the Town engineer, Planning Commission, and Town Council. After Town Council approves, the plan is recorded by the developer. When lots are sold, the easements are required to be shown on the survey. Easements dedicated to the Town of McCandless cannot have any structures placed on them. The easements can be used as part of the required setback from property lines but cannot be built upon.

If you have any questions about easements, please call the Public Works Department at 412-364-0616, ext. 184, or the Zoning Office at ext. 129.

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