When should I call 911?
  • 911 is for emergencies.
  • 412-473-3056 is for any other police calls.

You are to use 911 for any Fire, Police, or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that you may need. There is a non-emergency number for Allegheny County's Dispatch Center which is 412-473-3056 and should be used for non-emergency and non-life-threatening situations, such as barking dog complaints or general questions. Please do not call the police station when you need the police to respond to an incident.

Several years ago 911 was created to streamline the dispatching of all emergency responders by developing 911 Dispatch Centers across the country. The Allegheny County 911 Dispatch Center dispatches all calls for police, fire, and EMS in Allegheny County by prioritizing calls so that true emergencies always receive priority over non-emergency calls. In an effort to make sure we do not miss any request for service, we have been trying ever since to re-train residents to use the County 911 Dispatch Center for any police assistance. In spite of our recurring efforts, people are still calling or leaving messages at the police station when they need police assistance, which is delaying our response and in some cases, they are calling the station even for emergencies. The police station is not equipped with the proper dispatching phones and if you call the station, we have to direct you to hang-up and dial the County 911 Dispatch Center. The County 911 Dispatch Center has many features in place to facilitate proper emergency response such as call recording/tracking, number identification and officer tracking so that police response is expedited most efficiently.

Please know that you are always welcome to come to the police station when you need advice or to file a report. The police department is always open and there is always an officer assigned to take walk-in reports. If the police station appears unattended after normal business hours, there is a wall-phone in the lobby that directly calls into the County 911 Dispatch Center. The dispatcher will contact the appropriate officer to respond to assist you at the station. We do have a voice mail system at the station, but sometimes it takes the officers hours before they are able to retrieve those messages because they are generally out in the community responding to calls, where their service is most needed.

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