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Code Enforcement Complaint Form

  1. The form on this page can be used to submit any concerns you may have regarding code enforcement issues (such as buildings in poor or dangerous condition, trash scattered on properties, or excessively high grass or weeds). All complaints will be reviewed and investigated. Please note, when you submit a complaint, it will not be resolved the same day. The code enforcement officer needs to investigate the complaint, issue a letter to the property owner detailing any violation and allow a prescribed amount of time for the owner to resolve the violation. So please be patient. We recognize that the issues you report here may be cause for stress, consternation, annoyance or just be general eyesores. However, the Town must follow its ordinances. For more information, please check out the Town's General Offenses Code (PDF) (paying particular attention to Articles 705 and 715).

    For an overview of the investigation and enforcement process in a typical case, see an infographic that breaks down into steps the Code Enforcement Process (PDF).

  2. If you elected "Other" under the type of problem, please indicate what you are filing your complaint about.

  3. Please enter the address where the problem is occurring. If the exact address is unknown, please enter the road the problem is on along with the nearest cross-street.

  4. Please describe the problem or issue you are complaining about.

  5. Please enter your first and last name.

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