McCandless Cares and Shares was a BIG success!

The McCandless Cares and Shares food drive on April 29 was a huge success!

This event served nearly 180 vehicles, each receiving two bags of food as well as the option of a few household items. Any food that was not handed out at the event will be donated to local food banks.

Many people were involved in the planning and execution of this event, including Town Council President Kim Zachary and other members of Town Council, Town Manager Bob Grimm and the administrative staff, Fire Marshal Dan Stack, acting Police Chief Ryan Hawk and his officers, and Superintendent Mark Sabina and the Public Works Department staff.

“This was truly a team effort to undertake something that had not been done before in McCandless to my knowledge,” Grimm said.

In addition to the work of Town Council and staff, this event could not have been possible without the help of so many other people.

Organizational sponsors

  • Access McCandless – Cindy Waeltermann
  • Giant Eagle – McIntyre Square
  • Marshall Middle School Kindness Committee
  • McDonald Insurance Agency (State Farm)
  • North Allegheny Women’s Association
  • Texas Roadhouse – McCandless Crossing

Collecting, sorting and bagging teams

  • Sue Affolder family
  • Sandy and Brian Bauer
  • Alice Beckett-Rumberger family
  • Marcia Caliendo and Paul Heckman
  • Diane and Rick Cebulski
  • Marcie and Lance Crow
  • Carolyn Gibbs family
  • Brenda and Hugh Hammer family
  • John Harrison and family
  • Crystal and Chris Manning
  • Rita, Dave and John Martin
  • Steve Mertz family
  • Gale and Kelly Richardson
  • Kelly, Brian and Meredith Sullivan
  • Amy and Paige Wetzel

Distribution teams

  • Trish Cloonan family
  • Shelly and Mark Sponholz
  • Angela Woods family

Delivery team

  • Patrina Sichak

And, of course, a huge thank you to all who donated! There wouldn’t have been a food drive without the food you donated!

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