Sheetz zoning amendment voted down

Town Council on July 23 voted 4-3 to deny an application for a zoning text amendment filed by Sheetz Inc. that would have amended the conditional use criteria for service stations to permit up to two service stations in the RC (Residential Commercial) Zoning District to be located within 1,500 feet of each other only when located at signalized intersections.

Sheetz Inc. requested the change because it has an interest in moving its gas station and convenience store across Perry Highway from its current location. On rare occasions, the Town receives requests such as this from a potential property owner or developer to change the Town’s zoning code to allow for a proposed use they have in mind.

In the RC (Residential Commercial) Zoning District, a service station is a conditional use. This means the Town’s Zoning Code — specifically Article 1328 — lists conditions that must be met for a service station in the RC District, and also provides for additional conditions that Town Council might deem necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Prior to the vote, Town Council on April 23 voted to hold a public hearing on the matter. This hearing was held on June 25. Before the hearing occurred, the proposal was reviewed by the Allegheny County Planning Division and received further review by the Town’s Planning Commission. Following the public hearing, Council discussed the text amendment at its July 9 Zoning Committee meeting.