What is a right-of-way?

Each road in the Town of McCandless has a right-of-way of 33 feet for older roads and up to 50 feet for newer roads. The right-of-way extends 25 feet to each side from the center of the paved road, assuming the road is in the center of the right-of-way. Since the paved width of many roads in the Town is 24 feet (or 12 feet to each side from the center), this means that the unpaved right-of-way for many residential properties is 13 feet. The only way to be absolutely sure of the location of the right-of-way is to have your property surveyed and staked.

The Town requests that all residents follow the guidelines established in Section 907.01 of the Codified Ordinances of the Town of McCandless, which states:  "... trees, bushes, shrubs, or hedges may be planted or allowed to grow so that any part is closer than three feet from the curb or the edge of any uncurbed pavement, or allowed to infringe on the clear sight triangle required by the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations. No object may be built or placed closer than three feet from the curb or the edge of any uncurbed pavement or within the clear-sight triangle." Fences must be off the right-of-way.