Chief's Corner

Chief's Corner

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is David R. DiSanti Sr. and it is my honor and privilege to be your new Police Chief for the Town of McCandless, which is a community close to my heart, having served here for 28 years. During those years, I came in contact with so many good people and was able to form both personal friendships and strong professional relationships throughout this wonderful community. I was more than pleased that, at the end of an arduous national search process, I was offered this opportunity to return to my roots and serve this community.

I want to sincerely thank the McCandless Town Council for offering this position to me with such a strong vote of confidence! I had been recruited to apply for other police chief positions in the past, but this is the only one I could ever seriously consider taking. It is where I want to finish my career in law enforcement, coming home and serving the people who gave me my start in law enforcement.

I serve as a chaplain to several law enforcement organizations and my philosophy in life is to treat each person with whom I come into contact with respect and dignity. I have inherited an outstanding police department. The people who comprise this department are people I consider both excellent police officers and staff, as well as good, caring people. I am looking forward to being their leader who they can respect and serve with gladly. I will always support their efforts to excel in their work and as part of a team dedicated to giving the residents in McCandless the very best service possible. I want this community to feel proud of both their police chief and their officers, and feel that we reflect the fine qualities that make up McCandless.

It is my immediate plan to meet as many of you as I can through different forums. If you would like me to attend or speak at one of your groups, feel free to contact me. Speaking and bonding with a wide group of people and groups will allow me to be more effective in meeting your needs and concerns. I have been impressed with this Town’s vision for its future and its desire for committing to supporting a professional police department. This Town always does everything first class and you make sure that those who help meet your vision are well prepared to meet the challenges of the future, and I am sincerely grateful that this commitment extends to your police department.

If you see me, please take a moment to come up to me and introduce yourself. I would welcome your greeting, as I enjoy meeting new people. I look forward to a wonderful tenure here among you, serving as your Chief of Police and working hand-in-hand with Council and residents.

McCandless Police patchDavid R. DiSanti Sr.
Chief of Police
McCandless Police Department

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