Town Council

All legal powers of the Town are vested in Town Council, made up of seven members. Each member of council is elected from one of seven wards for a term of four years. The council president presides at meetings and performs ceremonial duties of the Town's principal elected official. The vice president assumes these duties in the absence of the president.

Videos of Town Council meetings are available here.

A map of Town Council Wards is available here.

Mary Ann EisenreichWard 1
Mary Ann Eisenreich


Term expires 1st Monday 2024


Robert "Jack" CaseyWard 2
Jack Casey




Term expires 1st Monday 2026

Michael J. TarlePresident, Ward 3
Mike Tarle




Term expires 1st Monday 2024

Jason SingerWard 4
Jason Singer




Term expires 1st Monday 2026

Kathleen M. RoppaWard 5
Kathleen Roppa




Term expires 1st Monday 2024

Carolyn L. SchweigerVice President, Ward 6
Carolyn Schweiger




Term expires 1st Monday 2026

Patricia A. CloonanWard 7
Trish Cloonan

1916 Lake Marshall Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044




Term expires 1st Monday 2024