Brian O'Malley, Town Manager

Town Manager Brian O'Malley and the administrative staff of the Town of McCandless provide professional management and clerical support to Town Council. The manager recommends researched policy alternatives to Council and implements the policies they formulate while ensuring their legislative intent.

The manager is the chief executive officer of the Town, responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating all Town programs and all department functions, to ensure they are in conformance with municipal policy directives, rules and regulations, and applicable municipal laws. The manager also supervises the work of all municipal employees either directly or through supervisory personnel.

The manager's office performs the function of Town clerk, causing appropriate legal records to be made, preserved, and certified. By October 15 of each year, a budget must be submitted to the Town Council outlining proposed upcoming annual expenditures and a five-year capital expenditure plan with cost estimates. Successful public relations play an integral role in the Town manager's daily interaction with other governmental agencies, the business community, and Town residents. The Town manager appoints the assistant manager and fixes the compensation. This action requires the concurrence of Town Council.

Trisha Greathouse, Assistant Town Manager

Aiding the manager in day-to-day administration and policy implementation is Assistant Town Manager Trisha Greathouse. The assistant manager also functions as the finance director, oversees accounting and financial requirements of the Town, has administrative control over the investment of temporary surplus funds, and submits reports to Council on the fiscal condition of the Town, including revenue collections and expenditures, compared to the budgeted figures. In the absence of the manager, the assistant manager shall act as manager and have all the powers of the position. The finance director assumes the responsibilities of the treasurer, under the direction of the Town manager.