For the removal of dead deer, please contact the police department at 412-369-7992.

Since spring is in full bloom and pets want to get out and have a good time (or at least take a nice walk), the Town would like to remind everyone that, according to Town ordinance 701.08: "Any dog, cat or other animal which... Scratches, digs or defecates upon any lawn, tree, shrub, plant, building or any other public or private property other than the property of the owner or person in charge or control of such animal is hereby declared to be a nuisance. No person shall keep or harbor a dog, cat or other animal in a manner which constitutes a nuisance. No person shall permit a dog, cat or other animal to commit a nuisance upon any school grounds or other public property or upon any private property other than that of the owner or person in charge of such animal; provided, however, if the owner or person in charge of such animal immediately removes all feces deposited by such animal and disposes of same in a sanitary manner, such type of nuisance shall be considered abated."

Any person convicted of violating this part of the ordinance shall be sentenced to pay a $25 fine for each violation.

This is a lot of words to basically say, "Clean up after your pet." Your neighbors will thank you.

Pets can be wonderful if they are responsibly managed. The Town ordinance stipulates that any situation involving an animal that results in the creation of or commission of a nuisance is subject to penalty. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires the owner of any dog to keep at all times such dog either confined within the premises of the owner, firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured, or under the reasonable voice control of some person. Any violations should be reported to the Town of McCandless Police Department. These simple measures drastically reduce the number of dog bites, as well as preventing senseless traffic accidents involving animals.