Fire Marshal

The Town of McCandless’s Fire Marshal’s Office was created in 1975. The Fire Marshal is head of the Bureau of Fire Prevention and is responsible for ensuring that all fire and safety laws including Town ordinances, codes, and rules; (federal, state, and county regulations and codes) are enforced. The current fire code the Town has adopted is the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC).


The Fire Marshal conducts fire safety inspections for all commercial buildings within the Town of McCandless. These fire safety inspections are conducted at the fire marshal’s discretion. Although, commercial occupancies that pose a significant life safety hazard are conducted annually. These include any facility that houses a vulnerable population such as children or the elderly.

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The Fire Marshal teaches a variety of fire prevention programs. These programs teach the kids everything from not to play with matches to how to prepare a home fire escape plan. The Fire Marshal teaches these programs to approximately 2,500 children annually, ranging from preschoolers to fifth graders. The Fire Marshal also teaches employee safety training for the staff of our nursing homes, schools, and businesses. These employees are taught valuable information on what to do in the event there is a fire in their workplace.


In the event of a fire, the Fire Marshal has the authority to investigate any fire or explosion that occurs within the Town. All fires that cause property damage or the loss of life are thoroughly investigated.