About Joe BullickJoe Bullick

Joe Bullick, a lifelong resident of the Wexford area, was an employee of the North Allegheny School District for 40 years. For more than 20 years, he collected pieces of North Hills history and other memorabilia for the benefit of youngsters who have never seen an eight-track player, a pay phone, a Brownie camera, or other technology that has fallen by the wayside. For several years, the collection has been available for public viewing by appointment at the North Allegheny History Museum at McKnight Elementary School. At the time, when asked how he feels about this outpouring of support from the Town and the many volunteers who are involved in the project, he said, "I couldn't be happier, knowing that my collection will be on permanent display for everyone to see, for generations to come."

An active community member in McCandless and surrounding communities, Joe also authored the autobiography Put a Tent Over the Circus, the story of foster parenting and adoption. He resided in Pine Township with his wife, Emma.

Sadly, Joe passed away on May 25, 2019, at age 87. His contributions to North Allegheny, McCandless, and the North Hills as a whole will never be forgotten.

About the Collection

The collection, which was signed over to the Town of McCandless, includes North Allegheny School District photographs, documents, yearbooks, and sports memorabilia; twentieth century life artifacts of popular culture (toys, household items, tools, military memorabilia, etc.); and North Hills related research materials and photos (including the surrounding communities of Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall and Pine townships, and Ross).