Parks & Recreation

Residents can begin applying for pavilion permits at Devlin and Wall parks on Wednesday, March 1. Residents can apply at the Public Works Department, 9957 Grubbs Road, Wexford, from 7 am to 3 pm. The $55 park permit fee is payable by check only to the Town of McCandless. For more information, visit the Pavilion Permits Page.

The Town has its own regional recreation complexes within each quadrant of the community. These parks offer ball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic pavilions, horseshoe courts, soccer fields, a street hockey court, and two passive park areas: one with a walking trail and one with a pond for fishing. The Public Works Department provides seasonal primary care of the recreational facilities. Parks open April 1 (weather permitting) and close November 1.

Map of Parks in the Town of McCandless