Building & Planning

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) empowers the Town to plan land development by creating zoning, subdivision, land development, and planned residential development ordinances. The land use department is made up of planning, zoning, and building services. The Town's home rule charter recognizes, in accordance with the MPC, the need for, and mandated the position of, a planning and development administrator. This position heads planning, zoning, building, and code enforcement services.

The Town manager appoints the planning and development administrator, who also serves as the zoning officer of the Town, with the concurrence of Council. The responsibilities of the planning and development administrator include the following:

  • Administer the zoning and subdivision ordinances and building permits
  • Assist the zoning hearing board, fire marshal, and code enforcement inspector
  • Prepare a preliminary budget for the building and zoning office
  • Assist the planning commission, manager, and Council by making recommendations to Council for changes to the zoning map, zoning and subdivision, and land use ordinances; and by making recommendations to the planning commission or manager or Council for specific planning activities, capital improvement programs, environmental issues, and other proposals that would benefit the public