History of McCandless

Brunns Store and Harmony Line Station Circa 1920 to 1930Primarily a farming community in the 1800s, the Town boomed in 1890 with the discovery of oil and the introduction of an electric railway that helped open the future to the ever-more growing, vibrant community we are today. In the Town we enjoy a suburban-style setting while still maintaining the same comfortable environment of a bygone era. With quick and easy access to highways and turnpikes, and just a short commute to Downtown Pittsburgh, it's no wonder the population here has grown to more than 28,500 residents and why McCandless has been ranked highly among Money magazine's "Best Places to Live."

Covering 16.4 square miles, McCandless continues to mature as more diversified development completes our landscape, such as McCandless Crossing, a Traditional Neighborhood District that includes 53 town homes, retail outlets, offices, hotels, and entertainment. Residents enjoy safe and well-maintained neighborhoods and nearly 3,000 acres of park for just about every activity: sporting, biking, hiking, and walking trails, a lake for fishing and boating, a pond with a Thoreau-like setting, and a golf course, all of which make McCandless a special place to call home.

The Town of McCandless is rich with history-more than 160 years' worth! Whether you're interested in reading about the Town's earliest settlers, discovering how Perry Highway got its name, learning about the Harmony Line and how it greatly influenced residency in McCandless, or reading about the Town's steady growth and how far we've come as a community, there's a story here for everyone. And be sure to check out the McCandless timeline, which dates back to 1753!