Local Services Tax


All individuals who work in the Town of McCandless are required to pay the Local Services Tax (LST) for any week you are employed at a location in the Town and for any amount of time.

The tax rate is $52 per year and is withheld on a per pay period basis. If you are paid semi-monthly, your employer should withhold $2.16 per pay period. Note that you are only responsible for the tax for the time you work in the Town (for example: if you work in the Town for five weeks during the calendar year, only $5 should be withheld from your pay). If you are self-employed or work from home for an employer that does not withhold the tax, you are required to file and pay the appropriate LST.

Any person earning less than $12,000 in a calendar year in the Town is exempt from the tax and can complete an Exemption Certificate to be filed with their employer and Keystone Collections. Persons who are exempt but have had the tax withheld may apply for a refund.

Local Services Tax Collector

Keystone Collections Group (Keystone) is the Local Services Tax collector for the Town. Both residents and employers with questions regarding filing and/or paying Local Services Tax, should visit Keystone’s website or call 724-978-0300 to speak with a local, knowledgeable Taxpayer Service Agent.