Per Capita Tax


The Per Capita Tax, imposed by the North Allegheny School District, is collected on their behalf by the Town of McCandless. This tax applies to all residents of the Town of McCandless, age 21 and over, employed or not employed, who reside in the District for any part of the fiscal year.

The rate is $10 per person, per fiscal year (July through June).

The tax will be included on your Real Estate Tax bill if you own and occupy a home in the Town. Renters will receive a separate billing in early July.

Each residential property will have $20 added to the Real Estate Tax bill to account for two individuals in the household over the age of 21. Additional residents in each household over the age of 21 will be sent a separate bill. If the household has only one resident over the age of 21, please contact the Town immediately so that the adjustment can be made. If there are more than two residents over the age of 21 in a household and the additional residents do not receive a bill, the Town should be notified. If a bill is received but the resident is not yet 21, the resident should write their birth date on the bill and return it to the Town.

Online Payment

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