Committees of Council

Each member of Council is a member of each of the six committees: Public Safety, Services, Public Works, Recreation, Zoning, and Finance.

All six committees meet during the Meetings of the Town Council (Public Safety, Services and Facilities Management at the first meeting of the month; Recreation, Zoning and Administration at the second meeting of the month).

Council President appoints a chair for each of the committees, as follows:

  • Public Safety Committee: Kathleen Roppa
  • Services Committee: Trish Cloonan
  • Facilities Management Committee: Jason Singer
  • Recreation Committee: Carolyn Schweiger
  • Zoning Committee: Mary Ann Eisenreich
  • Administration and Finance Committee: Jack Casey

All meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged to participate and offer their ideas and suggestions. Actions taken by Council are more representative of the community when the public shares in the decision-making process. Council makes every effort to arrive at decisions that are fair, legal, and balanced in the best interest of the Town.

At the end of each calendar year, Council adopts a resolution establishing the meeting schedule for all Town meetings for the following year. This schedule is advertised in the newspaper, and all meetings are identified on the Town calendar that is mailed to residents. The resolution also appears on the website under Town Government/Meeting Schedule.