Junior Councilperson Program

To encourage McCandless youth to become involved in local government, the Town of McCandless Town Council has instituted a "Junior Councilperson Program." This program will help students better understand local government and how it works by actually participating in discussions at Town Council meetings. A Junior Councilperson will be able to add a student perspective to the decision making process of his or her local government governing body. Candidates will be selected in cooperation with school districts that serve McCandless residents, primarily the North Allegheny School District.

Candidates will be sought through these school districts through a process determined by school principals or a designee, which will include a posting of the position seeking interested candidates. The Town will advertise for interested candidates on its website. Candidates shall submit an Application for Appointment Form (PDF) along with to the Town an essay of up to 300 words on why they want to serve as a Junior Councilmember. Town Council will review each candidate's qualifications, conduct interviews and make selections based on candidate qualifications.

The following are the requirements for the Junior Councilperson position:

  1. Town of McCandless resident.
  2. Incoming high school juniors or seniors.
  3. Candidates must take a pledge of office.
  4. Serve a term coinciding largely with the school year (September/October through June)
  5. Attend Town Council meetings.
  6. Write a monthly report to Town Council
  7. The Junior Councilperson will not be permitted to vote.
  8. The Junior Councilperson will not be permitted to attend "executive sessions."

The Junior Councilperson will participate in all forms of Council business. He/she will be encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions and give opinions, recognizing that Councilmembers speak first. He/she must observe all council meeting rules. The Junior Councilperson will be encouraged to declare a project or an area of focus. Town Council will appoint a mentor or co-mentors to guide the Junior Councilmember. The Junior Councilperson will sit where designated by Town Council during its meetings. The Junior Councilperson's report will appear as an item on the second Town Council meeting agenda of the month under liaison reports. The Junior Councilperson will be encouraged to write an article for the Town Crier.