Six Simple Steps to Better Water Quality

  1. If you don't drink it, don't dump it - Anything you would not put in your body should not go into your sanitary or storm sewer system.
  2. Do not treat your lawn before it rains - That is like rinsing the contents of your wallet right down the drain, and it contaminates the watershed
  3. Sweep sidewalks and driveways - Rinsing debris or spills down the storm drain puts chemicals and unnatural sediment into the water system
  4. Pick up after your pet - In addition to keeping your neighborhood clean, pickup up pet waste prevents harmful bacteria from entering Pine Creek or other waterways
  5. Properly dispose of chemicals - Call the Allegheny County Health Department recycling office at 412-578-8390 to dispose of cleaners, paint, automotive products (motor oil, antifreeze, etc.) and other hazardous materials. If it is dangerous for you, it is dangerous for our water
  6. Make a difference with your lawn - Redirect your downspout into your garden, create a rain garden or install a rain barrel. They will keep your property from eroding and could lower your water and sewer bill.