Deer Management

whitetail deerOn April 12, 2021, Town Council unanimously approved entering into an agreement with Suburban Whitetail Management to conduct a bow hunting program beginning in the fall of 2021.

SWM’s controlled hunts run concurrently with the PA Game Commission’s regulated deer archery season (which runs on and off from the end of September to late January).

Hunters can hunt on some Town-owned property and privately-owned land with the owner's permission. For private property, when a landowner reaches out to SWM, they check the property to make sure it is suitable for hunting, specifically looking for safety distances and hazards.

SWM tries to seek out local hunters, who must pass an archery proficiency test. They are assigned to a specific property that they hunt on the entire season. Hunters are required to donate every first and third deer they get to the Hunters Sharing Harvest program.

Currently, SWM has more hunters than properties to hunt on, so they are seeking landowners to reach out to them to sign up. Interested property owners can contact them at