Snow & Ice Control


Snow PlowThe snow and ice control program provides for the salting and plowing of snow from streets within the Town. This vital maintenance service is performed on 110 miles of Town roads and 20.12 miles of state-owned roads. State road mileage encompasses all state roads in the Town with the exception of Route 19 and McKnight Road, but includes their ramps. Public works department crews also offer plowing to approximately 18 miles of private roads in times of heavy snowfall (accumulation of 6 or more inches).

Snow & Ice Policy

  • Bare pavement maintenance will be provided whenever possible on all contracted state roads, Town roads, and roads in new developments that will become Town roads (after these same roads are paved and houses are occupied by residents).
  • Fire department and ambulance authority entrances shall be salted and/or plowed when work is accomplished in each snow and ice control route.
  • Private roads (non-Town roads having two or more residences) will be plowed after the above services are performed, whenever 6 or more inches of snow have accumulated. Due to the nature of these private roads, plowing will be done only at the request of residents along these roads. A Request & Release for Plowing of Private Road form is attached for property owners requesting plowing assistance from the Town. All property owners must sign the release. Plowing will only be done after an accumulation of 6 or more inches of snow and after all public roads have been cleared. This service is not extended to developments of congregate housing.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Remember that all sidewalks must be cleared in a reasonable amount of time after a snowfall, as circumstances permit, preferably within a 24-hour time period. Please use caution when moving snow, and help those who may have health problems or are not able-bodied.

When clearing snow off a sidewalk or driveway, please consider the following: With falling temperatures, snow freezes on the road causing dangerous ice conditions and traffic hazards. Deliberately depositing snow on roads is a direct violation of Town Ordinance No. 1283. Think safety first!

On-Street Parking

Severe road conditions prompt some drivers to leave their vehicles on Town streets. Vehicles parked on streets during such conditions make some operations extremely difficult and jeopardize the safety of vehicles. Vehicles must be removed as soon as possible so that the Town can conduct its snow operations effectively.