Financial Administration

The Finance Department, led by the Assistant Town Manager/Finance Director, ensures that all assets and resources of the Town are accounted for effectively and efficiently. The department prepares and presents all financial reports in an accurate and concise format to elected officials, the Town Manager, department heads and residents.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Budget preparation
  • Coordination of the annual independent audit and program audits
  • Financial reporting and projections
  • Insurance management
  • Investments
  • Property and inventory control
  • Purchasing
  • Pension administration
  • Payroll

Annual Audit

An independent annual audit of the Town's funds is conducted by a certified public accounting firm specializing in governmental financial reporting. In addition, the Town is subject to annual audits from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the pension plans, liquid fuels and other allocations.

View a list of annual audits.

Town Budget

Town Council on December 12, 2022 approved the 2023 Consolidated Municipal Budget. The spending plan keeps all tax rates level.

View a list of annual budget documents.